Of course I did not do it myself.

I got the template from Open Source Web design, a great website.

Namely, I took the style called "Plain v1.0" by JayKay.

Then I stripped it down and tweaked it.

In particular, no background images, just CSS.

And decreased margins, etc.

Since February 2011 I have been running this site through Joomla, a free, open-source content management system released under the GNU/GPL licence.

I took one of the default templates named "RHUK Milkyway" and hacked it horribly with the pre-existing site's CSS, until the site appeared similar to before.


My blog is run via I took the Journalist template by Lucian E. Marin, built for WordPress, and changed a lot of stuff (read: mutilated it) to make it look like the rest of the site.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts about this site, let me know!